About Affordable Oregon

Housing affordability has reached a crisis level in the State of Oregon.  Recent analysis shows Oregon as third worst in the nation for housing affordability and only 26% of households under age 35 live in homes of their own.  Only 27% of residents reach a yearly income in Oregon required to pay for a home.

The answer from state and local government thus far has focused on only those who qualify for low income housing and renters.  What about the rest of Oregon?  Thousands of Oregonians make too much to qualify for affordable housing subsidies but also cannot afford to own a home.  What are your state and local officials doing to support their constituents?  Are they lowering fees, investing in infrastructure, providing tax credits for home ownership or taking any action that might make homes more affordable?  It’s time to hold them accountable for their lack of action.

Affordable Oregon’s mission is to represent all Oregonians in their pursuit of home ownership by focusing specifically on these core principles:

  • Advocating for greater land availability;
  • Championing innovative and cost-effective infrastructure opportunities;
  • Reducing the cost of state and local government regulation as it pertains to housing;
  • Holding local government accountable for reasonable timelines and spending;
  • Political/electoral involvement and advocacy where necessary to exact change.

We encourage you to join us. For more information read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and/or become a member today.