We Need Your Help To Stop Metro's $652.8 Million Property Tax Increase

Affordable Oregon Readers:

If you have been reading our articles over these past three months you know we are focused on improving housing affordability for everyone.  We believe the rising cost of housing in Oregon, specifically in the Portland Metro Region, is a complex issue that requires local governments and private industry to find solutions that lower the overall cost of housing.

Currently, our local and regional governments are unwilling to accept their responsibility for the rising cost of housing.  Our recent LGAP study shows the City of Portland contributing 20% ($85,000) or more to the cost of each newly built home.  Meanwhile, the City just tapped $48 million for an internal loan from the Bureau of Development Services Division, money the City has overcharged builders for services.  At what point is our industry going to stand up and say no more?

The chance to send a message is now.  For nearly the past two decades, our industry has bellyached about Metro’s stranglehold on the Urban Growth Boundary and its negative effect on the price of housing.  Now, Metro wants voters to approve a $652.8 million dollar property tax increase for affordable housing.  Metro admits this measure may only create 2,400 units, or 5%-8% of the total need in the region.  Its not a solution, its a money grab.  We need Metro, the City of Portland and the rest of our local government jurisdictions to work with our industry to create reasonable solutions to our housing affordability problem.  Right now, their answer is to cynically throw your tax dollars at the problem, knowing it will have very little impact.

Affordable Oregon has over 1,000 members now.  Since our inception three months ago, our numbers have grown by over 25%.  You recognize the problem, you know something needs to be done.  We need you to take action.  While voting no on the Measure will be 100% appreciated, the campaign to defeat this enormous tax increase needs financial support.  Metro is going to try and raise $1,000,000 toward the bond approval.  We believe we can defeat the measure, but we need your financial support to get the message out.

Affordable Housing for WHO? is the official PAC for the campaign.  Please click on this link and contribute today.  If you own rental properties consider giving one year’s worth ($50-$100 multiplied by the number of units you own) of the 30-year tax increase you will endure if this measure passes.  If you don’t own any rental properties, than give what you can today!  Oregon State Law allows for contributions of any size and also allows you to take up to a $100 tax credit for contributing to a political campaign.  We badly need your support.