AT LONG LAST! The Local Government Accountability Project is Here

Local Government Accountability Project LINK

We all know, or at least suspect, the cost of local government to affordability in the Portland Metro Area is significant.  What we did not know before today is which jurisdiction was costing prospective homeowners the most and which jurisdictions were committed to providing affordable housing by keeping their costs and timelines in check.  Thanks to the Local Government Accountability Project (LGAP), we now have definitive answers.

The LGAP is the culmination of months of research into the impact local government has on affordability.  Brought to you by Affordable Oregon via a small, dedicated group of contributors, the LGAP provides readers with a way to compare jurisdiction fees, charges and timelines to other jurisdictions and determine for themselves which jurisdiction is really committed to affordability during our current housing crisis.

We are proud to present this study and we hope you will read it, share it with others and take action on the results.  Its clear local government overall is having a negative impact on the price of a new home.  Its time for Affordable Oregon members, the construction and housing industry and everyday Oregonians to demand change.

Local Government Accountability Project Link