Former Hillsboro City Councilor Announces Formation of Affordable Oregon

Former Hillsboro City Councilor Announces Formation of Affordable Oregon

The organization will focus on creating housing affordability for all potential homeowners and the role local government plays in the development process.

Citing the ever-increasing cost of housing in the Portland Metropolitan Area, Former Hillsboro City Council President Joe Keizur announced the formation of a new organization focused on affordable housing advocacy and the role local government plays in the process.  The fledgling organization, named Affordable Oregon, will engage local government on new and existing policy initiatives while highlighting opportunities for local government to improve their service, lower fees and become a part of the housing affordability solution.

“Local government in Oregon has changed significantly since my time as an elected official,” says Keizur.  “The goal used to be how can government find affordable housing and development solutions collectively as a community that satisfy our infrastructure needs and allow for affordability.

“Today, local governments are no longer part of the solution; rather, they have become part of the problem.  It’s time to examine the role of our local governments in housing affordability and make change from the outside.  That’s what Affordable Oregon will seek going forward.”

Keizur will serve as Executive Director of Affordable Oregon taking direction from a volunteer Board of Directors .  Keizur will seek to grow membership, create content and push Affordable Oregon in the following direction:

  1. Highlight and expose local government policies, departments and individuals who are actively adding to the cost of housing at the local level.  “We are soliciting stories from companies and individuals who have experienced delays, increased costs and statutory violation of timelines in the development and permitting process for the express purpose of exposing the public to what we consider to be a significant cause of the affordability crisis in the Portland Metropolitan Area,” says Keizur.
  1. Compare local government agencies throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area to force them to address their ongoing process delays, staffing shortfalls and rudderless leadership practices.  “Currently no one is holding local government planning, engineering and permitting departments responsible for their lack of efficiency or their spending practices” says Keizur.  “Our New Local Government Accountability Project (LGAP) will let the building industry and the public know what they are getting into when they choose to build or remodel their home in each jurisdiction.”
  1. Pursue political action via local elections and initiatives to force change on local governments that don’t have the courage or capacity to manage themselves or their budgets.  

Affordable Oregon’s new website goes live on 3/6/2018 and the organization will be actively pursuing new members and content at


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